Do you only work half a day? We offer part-time coworking

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Work flexibility and adaptability to various circumstances have been put to the test in the year of the coronavirus and this is confirmed by the fact that part-time coworking has emerged as one of the most demanded services. Because we are already clear that work can be carried out in very different formats, many freelancers or relocated employees carry out their tasks in reduced hours. This is the reason why, for a long time, in our shared workspace we have developed formulas to respond to the needs of people who only work for half the day.

Thinking of professionals who only want to have an office for four hours, our coworking in Barcelona rents individual tables in a half-day format. In these cases, coworkers choose a slot -morning or afternoon- to go to our workspace, and, on some occasions, they share a table with professionals who use the position on the opposite side.

As we are aware of the unforeseen events that can occur in work performance, our workspace offers flexibility and there are, generally, free tables if the user wants to attend at other times on specific occasions. We are always ready to help our colleagues!

All this without forgetting that users who choose to rent tables part-time have exactly the same advantages and services as the rest of the Coworking Gràcia colleagues: high-speed WiFi, landline, postal code for direct debits, coffee, tea and mineral water or photocopies, among others.

If you are looking for a part-time coworking and you think that there are no formulas capable of adapting to your needs, come and see our shared workspace in Gràcia, the emblematic neighborhood of Barcelona. You will be able to leave behind the days at home -full of distractions- and move with other professionals like you among whom to develop collaborations and work synergies. Do you need any more reasons?

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