Specialized or multidisciplinary: How to choose a coworking in Barcelona?

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If you are looking for coworking space in Barcelona you will have already started visiting offices. Elements such as location, type of office, neighborhood or services included are essential to choose the site where you will finally develop your activity with other professionals but you may not know that, increasingly, proliferate shared offices that, in addition, they offer a professional specialization. That is, one of the latest trends in common work spaces is to bring together people who share a profession under the premise that it is a perfect formula for concentrating knowledge and improving productivity.

In these cases, coworkings specialize in welcoming people from specific sectors such as art, design or computer development instead of hosting diverse profiles. In these spaces, very popular in creative environments, people who work in the same field meet and seek to encourage debate, collaboration and, without a doubt, the specialization of the participants.

On the other side, with a very different concept, multidisciplinary coworkings celebrate diversity and encourage the creation of work synergies and cross-collaboration dynamics between professionals who, although they have different occupations, can offer complementary services to each other. In this way, in a place that opts for the variety of professional profiles, an architect, a graphic designer or a computer programmer who collaborate with each other in the project of one of them can coincide. The ultimate goal is to build trust networks and foster multiple knowledge.

As one of the veteran shared work spaces of this city, our coworking in Barcelona chose since its inauguration in 2012 the second of these formulas in order to foster the collaborative philosophy that has always distinguished our project. Formed by people from a large number of professional fields and countries, today the great family of the Coworking Gràcia is formed by very different profiles and that, without a doubt, has been reflected in interesting projects throughout these years.

Are you looking for a coworking in Barcelona? Would you like to be surrounded by professionals like you? Would you rather meet people who do very different things? Do you know if you will need collaborators in your project? Do you usually ask the opinion of other professionals like you while you work? These and other questions will help you to clarify if the best option for you is a specialized cowoking or a multidisciplinary space. If you have any questions, at Coworking Gràcia we will be happy to help you and, even, you can spend a day with us to test if this is the work style that you like the most. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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