Coworking Gràcia Tips: how to organize to make Home Office this summer

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Do you suffer an extreme case of accumulated work and don’t feel strong enough to come to the Coworking Gràcia? Don’t worry, we’ll explain how to organize to make Home Office this summer. The key to being productive with this method is to learn to manage your time to face famous drawbacks such as lack of concentration and various distractions. So that they can not with you, we will give you some tips that you can start implementing to have a few weeks of productive teleworking.

Organization and seriousness

When you work at home, the only change is the scenario where we develop the workday. The first thing to do is set goals and plan how much time will be worked each day, as well as set the tasks that must be carried out. You have to be committed to what you want to accomplish, so you can distribute the schedules according to your needs as long as you do it responsibly. This means that you can intersperse work intervals and home duties, but don’t interrupt the workday by procrastinating with housework.


As tempting as it is, the idea of working from the bed or the sofa won’t allow us to be totally productive. We are beings of customs, and as in the Coworking Gràcia you do not have access to a bed to work, it is best to look for a well lit table combined with a chair in which you can spend hours working without back problems. Good posture can increase your productivity, so go defining a place at home to be able to do teleworking.

Divide activities

We won’t get tired of emphasizing: don’t mix work with housework. We present the situation to you with a different perspective: think about everything you do when you are in the Coworking Gràcia. You arrive, you make a coffee (sometimes two), you check mails, you finish documents, presentations, make calls, put out fires, you face technical setbacks, etc. Now imagine add to the mix doing the laundry, preparing the food and keeping an eye on the whole family. It sounds something unreal, right?

Tools needed

To be productive anywhere you need the proper equipment, so make sure your laptop or computer has the essential software to carry out all the work tasks that you will have to do while doing teleworking. Check the internet connection and check that you have the passwords to access the digital platforms with which you operate daily. This will equip you to enable a fluid workspace, without loss of time that prevents you from being productive.

Work routine

Take advantage of being at home and that you can start the day in the best conditions. Either because you feel mentally more agile after going to exercise or because you need 10 minutes in the sun for every hour sitting at the computer … you are in time to build a work day designed to suit you!

As you can see, organizing to do Home Office this summer and getting productive is quite simple. Many coworkers use this method when they return home during vacations. If this is your case, follow the advice of the Coworking Gràcia and tell us how it turned out.

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