Coworking Gracia: What should you look for in your first office as an entrepreneur?

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If there is something that we know well at Coworking Gracia, it is that every successful project has a lot of time (and work) in planning behind it. You have to evaluate the situation, set objectives, analyze what the competition is doing, measure risks, optimize advantages and resources… And this continuous analysis must accompany you every time you make an important decision because the successful achievement of what you had decided depends on it. proposed. Therefore, if you have decided to take the leap as an entrepreneur, abandoning your home as a workplace, opting for a shared workspace is undoubtedly the first best option, but what characteristics should that first office have? Here are some very important clues when looking for it and, above all, choosing it.


Economic resources define a large part of our options when making strategic decisions for the reasons that we already know. For this reason, when deciding where to work, we must take its costs into account, since it is essential that we can cover them without problems that could lead to losses. At Coworking Gracia we offer you different possibilities so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and your budget at all times, with the option to change whenever you want.

Location and transportation

These are two issues to take into account as they are directly related to spending. It will be of little use to rent an office on the outskirts if to get there you have to spend huge amounts of money (traveling in your private vehicle) or invest a lot of time. In addition, where your workplace is located will also influence your clients as well as labor relations, which is why it is of paramount importance that you analyze which places can be especially good for your project and the objectives you have set for yourself.


Needless to say, the technology that you can have in your workplace is very important, so you must know well what bandwidth they have contracted or if the mobile coverage within the office is adequate (cases in which which in certain areas of some coworkings mobiles do not work). But you should not only pay attention to these issues. The existence of a photocopier, scanner, a meeting room, kitchen, air conditioning… are factors that you must also evaluate and on which your success largely depends. In short, ask every detail because they are directly linked to the way you develop your business and relate to your current and future clients.


This concept refers to a company’s ability to adapt and respond to its performance as the number of users or their needs increase significantly. In this sense, it is of vital importance that your Barcelona shared workspace be able to adapt to your needs because, although at first what you have in hand turns out to be a “humble” project, that situation can change very soon and what in a At the beginning it was just a table where to put the laptop will become tables for a team of three people who have to make constant use of the meeting area and connect with the US by video call at three in the morning…

That is why at Coworking Gracia we know how to offer the greatest flexibility to the entrepreneurs who are based here: because that way they can evolve, adapt and change without worrying about being tied to long-term rental contracts or sky-high prices. Surely here you will find your first office as a perfect entrepreneur. Get to know us!

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