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With the Black Friday offers just around the corner, from Coworking Gràcia we want to give you the keys to update your work tools. As in any facet of life, you should not throw the house out the window and simply buy the best that the market offers. Because it makes no sense to get a plane if you’re just learning to ride a bike, today we advise you how to renew the devices you actually use. The time has come to retire the equipment that has become obsolete, taking advantage of the discounts that will arrive next month.


One of the essential tools is the computer and, if you constantly change your workspace in Barcelona, ​​it is best that you get a laptop. Our recommendation is that you buy a model that can work optimally for hours without the need to connect continuously to the power grid. The equipment does not have to be high-end, but it does have a state-of-the-art processor, an element that has been transformed since 2018 to increase laptop performance and battery life. Make sure that the model you buy also has a Solid State Disc (SSD) because, no matter how small the storage is, you’ll notice that everything works faster. In this sense, keep in mind that every time we store more information in the cloud, so you will not need so much memory in local.


The universe of smartphones is reaching a point where the brand you buy doesn’t matter, but the features you are looking for. If you have decided to update the work mobile, a model with a good connection to wireless networks and synchronizing with the cloud where you manage your information would be convenient. As a tool for constant interaction in our workday, we recommend that you buy a mobile that has the option of fast charging and a long-lasting battery. Other attributes, such as the MP of the camera, for example, can also opt for a Smartphone or another depending on the use you are going to give it.


Do you work with multiple programs simultaneously and all day minimize or maximize windows? You should consider having two monitors to fully visualize your workspace. Switching between window and window is not at all uncomfortable, but once you try to compare documents or monitor program and design updates in real time, you will not be able to return to a single screen. On the other hand, the light conditions inside the Coworking Gràcia can vary according to the location of your workspace, so consider the characteristics of the blue light to avoid damaging your eyes.


We tend to select the most economical mouse because it is one of those things that “dosen’t matter”, but we are really facing one of the work tools with which we interact most. Using an incorrect mouse can cause us tendon pain. Therefore, we recommend a model that not only stands out for its ergonomic design designed to adapt naturally to your hand, but also for its unique usability features that will impact your productivity.

Updating your work tools is easier if someone advises you, and today we have shared with you the best recommendations of the Coworking Gràcia. Are you already clear about the equipment that you will update taking advantage of Black Friday? Cheer up, you will surely get what you need at the best price!

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