Coworking Gracia, the ideal place for the hybrid work model

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The new post-pandemic work scenarios have positioned Coworking Gracia as an ideal place for employees of small and medium-sized companies to work with absolute flexibility. Half days, full days, agreed hours… Whatever the method chosen, this shared workspace allows you to concentrate without interruptions in total comfort and peace of mind. A complete infrastructure to not worry about anything other than professional commitments and even with the security that each office has the necessary privacy to develop team tasks. An advantage also in terms of health because it is not a place saturated with tables in which there are continuous interactions, but individual offices with enough space to maintain an adequate safety distance with colleagues from the same project or from other organizations. If your SME is considering hybrid work as a reorganization alternative, today we want to explain how to take advantage of the advantages that Coworking Gracia offers. Can you come with us?

Before starting, it should be pointed out what exactly hybrid work is. The flexibility of working hours has made it possible to broaden the spectrum of possibilities inside and outside the offices. In the same template there are those who can continue remotely, others who have returned to the company’s physical headquarters and also, those who combine both modalities. Even the same person can alternate different options according to their particular circumstances. Tetris is as broad as the characteristics of the business allow and, given the panorama left by confinement, many SMEs have assimilated digital transformation to adapt to the new times.

Taking up an entire floor with many desks to accommodate all employees is an idea that is becoming increasingly outdated and expensive. If there is always a part of the staff doing remote work, it does not make much sense to take up so much space. Renting one or several offices in a Barcelona coworking supposes an important optimization of structural expenses, opening the possibility of relocating teams and providing optimal conditions for the worker. The well-being of the employee is at the center of current concerns and here you can enjoy ergonomic furniture, good lighting, spaciousness, a good Internet connection and everything you need to feel comfortable. In addition, it also implies savings for the worker who, on a remote shift, does not have to assume the extra cost of supplies at home.

With all the turnkey services, employees can make use of the days agreed with their company in a coworking environment, specially designed for work. After the experience of confinement in which the home had to become a multipurpose space but not always suitable for concentrating or participating in meetings, remote work outside the home has become a claim. In this sense, the infrastructure of a shared work space such as Coworking Gracia allows you to gain privacy because the offices have their own door and are large enough to locate all the materials and interact with other colleagues.

Additionally, the flexibility to meet with clients in a place with easy access from different parts of the city and even the opportunity to meet professionals from other companies that are also in Coworking Gracia are other advantages of this solution for hybrid work. An alternative that is gaining more and more followers because it is here to stay.

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