Coworking Gràcia: 5 trends for teleworking in 2022

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If you are self-employed or employed, surely teleworking is no longer foreign to you and at Coworking Gràcia we want to give you the keys to this paradigm shift. If the pandemic accelerated the implementation of new technologies in the family environment to fulfill work obligations, it could be said that 2021 was a year of adaptations in which the most heard word was “flexibility”. New schedules, fewer trips and more communication with colleagues to alternate the occupation of offices made it possible to design tailor-made hybrid models to keep pace with the Home Office without losing contact with the corporate environment. What will happen, then, during 2022? What changes can break this dynamic? These are the 5 trends in teleworking that will mark the year that begins:

  1. Telecommuting in hybrid model

With the increasing frequency of blended learning in offices, small and medium-sized companies have understood that the hybrid model is here to stay. Two or three days in the office alternating with the rest of the week at home make this trend a new way of understanding working life that requires good coordination. Along these lines, shared workspaces such as coworkings make more sense because SMEs and freelancers no longer consider paying for premises or offices with all the additional costs they entail, but allocate those resources to choosing a place where their professionals feel comfortable.

  1. Adaptable offices

Before the pandemic, it was not common for employees to choose the place where they wanted to sit down to work. With the flexibility of the spaces, there are meeting rooms that now operate as shared tables or even tables located next to windows that are alternated by several colleagues throughout the week. And it is that, when your computer is your office, you give priority to natural light, ventilation and the company of your most immediate team for personal meetings. In fact, the digital nomad concept has to do with this trend to the extent that you can work from anywhere in the world. Thus, available spaces such as Coworking Gràcia welcome professionals who pass through Barcelona at any time of the year in search of a quiet place with all the necessary resources to gain productivity.

  1. Collaborative work

As we explained in a previous article, collaborative work goes far beyond sharing interest in a common project. It focuses on horizontal leadership, the participation of different profiles in achieving an objective and continuous communication. An ideal space for gatherings, meetings and the development of synergies, coworking spaces are strengthened in 2022 as bases of operations for collaborative work, even between professionals from different fields who meet by networking in the most spontaneous way.

  1. Sustainability with shared spaces

If we have learned anything from the pandemic, it is that we live in a very fragile world and it is urgent to stop the waste of resources. Offices are becoming more sustainable because they can consume less paper or energy, but modern coworking spaces have environmental awareness in their DNA. By sharing the same space, different SMEs and freelancers are optimizing all kinds of resources. In addition, in this new trend, other types of environmental practices are put into play such as traveling on foot, by bike or on electric scooters, the proximity of coworking spaces to public transport, the use of natural light in offices and the use of sustainable materials in the furniture.

  1. Optimized technology

With better quality cameras and headphones, we live much more comfortable and effective remote work experiences. Gone are the days when we had to stop meetings because someone had left the microphone open causing interference or because another person had difficulty seeing or hearing their colleagues. The trend from now on is not only to improve existing technology but to design spaces that take into account the location of computer cameras, blind spots and good lighting. The new technologies will also make it possible to block background noise more efficiently and facilitate the movement of sound waves in the available area.

In this new era of teleworking and shared offices, the challenges for spaces like Coworking Gracia are fascinating. At an architectural, technological and logistical level, there is surely still much to learn and do, but the philosophy with which we have grown lays firm foundations to face new trends in coworking spaces with optimism.

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