Basic Guide from Coworking Gràcia to perform better: the importance of a good working environment

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Having a workspace in Gràcia has implications that go beyond just a good location. It is essential to have a good working environment to perform better at work, and therefore it is important to take into account a series of characteristics when selecting your coworking: networking and the atmosphere that space transmits.


Renting an office or renting a desk in the common areas of a coworking goes hand in hand with the interaction with other freelancers and strat-ups, which makes the work environment generated by living together directly impacts the motivation to work.

Sharing a workspace has advantages over the anguish we face in the professional field. We can find from motivational support, reducing the stress load that limits us to begin indifferently to the actions we take at work with a good conversation, to learn strategies to face certain types of adverse scenarios that lead us to throw the towel in projects with which we have committed.

Having a healthy networking network is built by encouraging coexistence and communication between small breaks to recharge batteries, in addition to respecting the work of each member of the community.

The atmosphere

Many times, we put aside the feeling we have within a physical space: Do I feel welcome? Do I feel locked up? Is the area where I work very frivolous? Am I in an impractical space? Consider that the workplace is a space in which we are present several hours during the day, so the coworking environment is also perceived in the decoration and distribution of the place.

Covering with basic needs, such as a good internet connection and good lighting, must be complemented by a sense of practicality and that the tables for rent are appetizing to the senses. Before the walls were the protagonists to define privacy spaces, but an area where you live openly facilitates the channels of coexistence and make going to work become something more enjoyable.

In addition, a corworking that has multifunctional areas, coffee and leisure areas make members of the community even more included and feel at home.

From the Coworking Gràcia we believe that having a good working environment is essential for the individual and collective performance of the professionals who join our office space for rent in Gràcia, so it is normal to find coworkers in all available areas.

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