7 tricks of Coworking Gràcia to survive preventive isolation

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Meetings by video call, shared documents and many hours in front of the computer. At Coworking Gràcia we are experts in teleworking and we know that it can be overwhelming at home, especially in the midst of the preventive isolation required by the coronavirus. Tranquility! Let’s take a deep breath and follow these 7 tricks to survive isolation while teleworking:

1. Schedules and routines to telework from home
We know that it is easy to be tempted to get up every morning and immediately sit down at the computer. Serious mistake. Your mind needs a series of preliminary steps to get into “work” mode, so it is best to follow a routine of cleaning and feeding, as you would if you had to go to the office and establish a work schedule. Thus, it will increase the feeling of control and responsibility, necessary to plan your day. Of course, you should forget about pajamas. Even if you wear more comfortable clothes to be at home, with the way you dress you make a difference between rest and work.

2. A suitable space for teleworking
We know that not all floors have comfortable rooms to “set up” your own office, but whatever your home, it is important that you adapt a place just for work. That way, other family members will know that while you are there, they cannot interrupt you. Make sure that your workplace has good lighting, a comfortable chair and few distractions.

3. Shared documents, the pleasure of the cloud
There are different computer solutions for sharing documents and information over the Internet. If your company has not yet implemented them, the time has come. Preventive isolation by coronavirus is an opportunity for us to adapt to demands such as sharing information in the cloud. Forget about the accumulation of papers on the table and welcome new options such as commenting on shared documents, opening multiple files simultaneously and saving all changes online.

4. Divert calls from landline to mobile
Do not miss any business opportunity in these days of confinement. Someone may be calling the landline of your office and you can take the call from the mobile. How? There are virtual switchboards at very affordable prices. Each member of the company can have their own extension and calls are made over the Internet. In this way, each one working from home communicates with his colleagues or clients, by telephone.

5. Communication is vital for teleworking
At Coworking Gràcia we know that good communication is the secret of efficiency and a good work environment. Video calls are very effective but it is important to take into account the conditions of each one and establish a convenient schedule for the team. There are people who have children and need spaces to be with them; others who are unable to communicate at times when they are complying with domestic obligations … Whatever the case, schedules and rules are set for the video call to be effective. For example, that the conference is dedicated only to professional topics and that it has a determined duration. Chats, instant messaging systems and emails are key in the communication strategy and, as we have always recommended at Coworking Gràcia, we try not to saturate with excess messages.

6. Time for rest and leisure
Just as we said at the beginning that establishing a work routine is vital, now we highlight the need for disconnection. Put yourself an hour each day to end your day and give yourself and yours time. Also, establish active breaks to exercise, be with your loved ones, take care of personal issues … Anyway! Get up out of your chair and oxygenate your brain with issues other than work.

7. Combine teleworking with children at home
Board games, physical activities, cooking, music, movies, and crafts offer endless possibilities when we have children locked up at home. If your children are of school age, there should also be space for pedagogical activities and homework, because they also need routines. A good idea may be that every morning when mom or dad sit at the computer, they are next to each other, practicing what they have learned at school or using educational applications. The Internet universe offers a lot of alternatives in this field. Discover them with your children!

From Coworking Gràcia we send you a virtual hug, because we know that preventive isolation is not easy, but we are also sure that we will be able to take advantage of it in our favor. Teleworking is increasingly incorporated into companies and is becoming a trend. When the preventive isolation passes, the doors of the Coworking Gràcia will be open so that your work routine is much more pleasant and, definitely, separated from the house.

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