5 Tips from Coworking Gràcia to overcome the joblag

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Did you know that returning to work after the holidays can cause depression or anxiety? From the Coworking Gràcia, we want to give you some tips to overcome the joblag easier the returning form vacations. It is very easy to help you relax during the first days at work.

You feel sad, tired, irritated, anxious, restless… and also you may be poorer if the holidays have taken all your savings! All these accumulated feelings can become a work impediment, blocking your performance and avoiding the fulfillmen  of the objectives so, without further ado, we bring you these tips:

  • Look for the positive side of returning to work: now you see the colleagues of the Coworking Gràcia, listen to the odysseys of vacation (or, brag about yours), catch with down guard to your suppliers and enjoy relaxed clients … It is a great time to start again on the right foot and, best of all: happy attitudes are contagious.


  • Try to keep some activity that you used to do on vacation: go for a walk, organize friends gatherings after work, finish that book before it gets covered in dust …


  • Disconnect on weekends. Sometimes this point is complicated by the amount of work that accumulated while not in the office. However, if you can do it, those two days will be the candy of the week and enjoy a kind of mini-vacation.


  • During work hours, relax for a tea, a coffee or something to eat. Any pretext is good to rest your eyes from the computer screen and stretch your legs. Your body and mind will surely thank you.


  • Put on an instrumental song, close your eyes and concentrate on filling your body with each inhalation. As you quietly exhale, think about the positive things you have experienced throughout the day. When you finish this exercise you will not only be much more relaxed, but you will also be more receptive to the information with a smile on your face.

Give your mind time to absorb the work routine and nullify the effect of post-holiday stress with these little tips. You will feel back to work within Coworking Gràcia is more pleasant than what you imagined.

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