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At Coworking Gracia we can affirm without fear of our voice trembling that we have the best coworkers in Barcelona. And this is because we meet a series of fairly simple requirements that arise from education, empathy and common sense. Three attitudes that are quite easy to understand but that are not always present in all work spaces. In addition, these qualities not only translate into a good coworking environment, but go further, reverting to productivity and the appearance of new and better business opportunities that, without a doubt, will be reflected in your income statement.

For this reason, if you already work in a coworking in which the “good vibes” do not exactly shine or, on the contrary, you are going to start in one of these Barcelona co-working spaces, pay special attention to these tips. You will see how with a minimum of common effort and mutual support, everything begins to change.

Shhh… we’re working!

Without a doubt, asking for silence is one of the things that costs us the most work to do for a very basic question. And we do not like to have to say something that is obvious: we go to Coworking Gracia to work. And to be able to concentrate and carry out the task, nothing like silence. So say goodbye to shouting or loud conversations (also on the phone) and, if you need to listen to music for work, use headphones.

We need to talk

But not everything should be silence. We must know how to communicate with the rest of the people who work there, not only with regard to basic manners (saying good morning, saying goodbye, etc.) but also when communicating any problem that exists before the rumor mill does of theirs. This kindness should extend further and offer our help to whoever we consider asking for it because we don’t know when we will need it. In addition, with a good atmosphere and fluid communication, new business opportunities can arise. In fact, the ability of these workspaces to increase networking and contacts is well known.

How is all this!

We are no longer teenagers so we are responsible for what we mess up and, of course, for what we dirty. Maintain order and hygiene in your area, do not invade the rest and pay special attention to common areas. Do we really have to put up a sign indicating that everyone washes their own breakfast cup?

As you have seen, it is not so difficult to be a perfect coworker and that is what we do at Coworking Gracia because we know that, with education and empathy, you work much better.

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