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Summer return, new challenges, new projects and intentions. You will need a place to work. And the question arises: how to find the perfect coworking? Today, from Coworking Gràcia, we want to help you find a space that suits your needs, because giving the right place can make the difference between success and failure. Trust us and follow these simple tips to choose the perfect coworking.

The location is “almost” everything

Undoubtedly, one of the fundamental questions to choose coworking is its location. And not necessarily because it is centrally, but rather because it is in a well connected area and is easily accessible to you, from your home, or to your prospects. Check the different routes on foot, motorcycle or car and in public transport. It may be that you always go on a motorcycle, but on the day you raid you will also go to work, so you have to contemplate all the possibilities.

In addition, it is possible that due to the nature of your work you need the collaboration of other professionals, so that a well-placed place will make sure that you can count on the best.

The price is very important

When choosing the perfect coworking there is a detail that will surely weigh, and it is the price. We all try to pay the minimum, but in business matters an economic price is not always a success.

Analyze what services are essential to carry out your work and make sure that you have the coworking you choose. Not only do they offer them, but they work well. Obviously everywhere you will have internet and WI-FI, but will it be sufficiently safe and efficient? Need more speed?

From Coworking Gràcia, we recommend that you not be obsessed with the price, because although you think that because of the characteristics of your company you do not look for a cool and super-scenery but something functional. Try your workplace to fit your needs.

The schedule can be definitive

When will you work? Are you from those who do not have hours or jobs in untimely hours because you have clients from different corners of the world? Then you need a coworking that does not close or where you have your own keys and unlimited access.

Instead, if you develop an organized work that is limited to a specific and very clear timetable, it may be better to look for a center where they offer hourly rates for hours, much cheaper than a desk 24 hours a day.

Last thing: your social life

Finally, you have to look at the work environment that is breathed in a coworking. Do a few visits at different times and check what you feel. Is it a friendly, calm, relaxed environment, or is it stressing?

Because for many services that you offer, if you do not feel comfortable in your work environment, it will not work. Check the profile of the professionals that will work around you and assess if you have something in common with them, if you can take advantage of and establish new professional and social relationships. Many coworkings organize social and cultural events, hire common services, yoga classes, etc. If, in addition to working, you want to establish the personal links that everyone needs, do not rush yourself and consider these issues.

If you have to spend almost all day in your “office” you will also need food or maybe go to the gym to disconnect. Is there a gym or restaurant nearby? Because losing half an hour a day to get food or to travel a lot for your weekly paddy match may not be the one that suits you …

As you can see, choosing the perfect coworking is not easy. At Coworking Gràcia we know that there are countless factors that can make the one that is valid for some not for you. The important thing is not to get bored and you can take the time to decide what your own is. Meanwhile, we hope our advice will help you make this important decision.

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