The benefits of rest for productivity: don’t give up on your vacation

 In Actividades Paralelas, Barcelona
Because there is no better anti-stress medicine than some rest days, Coworking Gracia wants to talk to you today about the benefits of rest for productivity. Whether you’re in the middle of the countdown or you’ve already started enjoying them, we’ll show you how you can get the most out of your summer vacation.
In many sectors work is piling up, activity in the modern world does not stop… let alone for companies that provide services. But there’s a time when working so many hours in a row every day of the week starts to affect our productivity: accumulated stress can not only cause migraines, insomnia or even stomach aches, but it also starts to affect us severely to memory, to our ability to make decisions and, above all, to the desire to continue working. And if the effects continue over time, even depression can occur: it is clear that living to work is not living.
As we coincide with the end of the course in schools, summer is the ideal time to forget about the obligations performing family activities, but also an ideal time for us to simply rest from the monotonous routine. Best of all, holidays can have a favorable impact on your productivity when you return to normal in your shared workspace in Barcelona. Discover that having time for yourself and yours will significantly increase your self-confidence, but it will also bring benefits to your health, reducing stress symptoms. Those positive effects will encourage you to return energetically to the Coworking Gracia, so learn to disconnect for a few days to give yourself a break and retake with encouragement the second part of the year.
As there are holidays for all tastes and pockets, make sure that your plans are within your temporary and economic possibilities. Many times we go crazy with the free time we have on our hands and we want to do everything: visit the family, travel to a nearby country, do the much-needed general cleaning, catch up with all friends, organize barbecues, go out at night, go to the beach, climb a mountain, finish with the billboard of the summer premieres in the cinema… Careful, because saturating your schedule can cause work-like stress, so you need to know how to dose activities.
Doesn’t it take time to do it all? Don’t worry that there will be more vacations in the future.
Whatever you do we advise you, however, that before returning to the Coworking Gracia you leave free 3 days to rest without demanding activity plans. So you can get back to work fresh, without wanting to have a vacation from your vacation.
What do you think now about taking a few weeks to enjoy what you love most with family or friends? Plan your break to get back on hold and count on all the benefits of vacation for your productivity.
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