The 3 principles of Coworking Gràcia: closeness, teamwork and fellowship.

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Working within Coworking Gràcia offers excellent advantages: not only do you have your own space within a varied professional environment that provides benefits to your networking, but it also integrates you into a dynamic of good coexistence based on 3 principles. Let’s think those as levels that favor your company to generate strong and reliable strategic allies, besides allowing to develop your company on a healthy environment.


The closeness

The first of our principles is consist in knowing the different companies that are within the Coworking Gràcia. To be able to engage more ambitious projects, you will need to cooperate with 2 or more organizations specialized in different types of services. So, having your collaborator a few meters away is extremely practical.


On the other hand, being so close to other people allows you to know different work schemes. Perhaps one of these procedures could be key to increase your work performance, or probably have that professional illumination you need to approach with a different perspective that special client.



Teamwork is base don the good collaboration between two companies, the second principle of Coworking Gràcia. You must understand the individual skills of each of the project members to achieve the common objectives, flowing on optimal conditions. The cohesion of the team is reinforced when the strengths and weaknesses of each part are taken into account, and thus productivity achieves better results.



The last of the principles is most complicated “level” to achive, and is -also- the most enriching one, that’s why we left it until the end. The fellowship implies having a relationship based on good communication and trust, which will result in a much more effective collaborative environment. These aspects are reinforced daily when we live in the Coworking Gràcia. In addition, activities outside the office always go well to release the stress caused by work actions, encourage companionship through coexistence.


In order to properly activate this principle, you must have engaged a relationship that goes beyond profesional interest: you and your fellow coworkers are now friends.


The aforementioned principles are the basis on which the Coworking Gràcia, a professional space shared in Barcelona, is build on. What are you waiting to knowing us?

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