Summer nights when you finish your working day in Coworking Gràcia

 In Actividades Paralelas, Barcelona

There are many types of plans, and summer nights when you finish your working in Coworking Gràcia are full of possibilities. Depending on the mood and the number of coworkers who sign up, today we give some very interesting ideas. Perfect to enjoy in company, the only requirement is a little organization  to have a great time.

Reeds after work

With the good atmosphere that characterizes lunch at Coworking Gràcia, there are times that make you want to prolong the after-dinner until the end of the afternoon. As we know, there are times and spaces for everything, and what better to stay to the after-work to take something? A good place to enjoy with coworkers is, for example, the Bar Salvatge: located on Calle Verdi, it’s perfect for tasting your favorite wine or to seek for a new favorite recommendation. Among the variety of wines and good company it is impossible for the plan to go wrong.

If you are looking for something different, visit Brewhome and participate in one of its craft beer courses. It is a place designed exclusively to brew beer as you could do at home, a three-hour activity that you can share with the friends of Coworking Gràcia. Another alternative within Brewhome is to participate in a beer tasting on a Thursday night. With or without pairing, it is a space that is worthwhile to laugh and refresh your throat.


A dose of show

The lights focused on the scene and the actors inspire us to lead into a narrative between satire, comedy or drama. This could totally be the perfect plan for an after-work summer night. An exit, for example, to Teatreneu’s humor shows will surely give material to comment during meals and after-parties.

Another experience that can be shared with coworkers is Microteatre Barcelona. The performances are very personal and you almost feel part of the scene due to the proximity with the actors. This type of activity is a good mean to get laughs and reactions, reinforcing the feeling of coexistence and bringing to mind more than one memory.


Taste of adventures

So… what if you try a night of escape rooms? This mental puzzles invite you to an inmersive story for 60 minutes where you and your coworkers are the protagonists of the scene. Teamwork is key  to achive a successful conclusion out of the rooms. Near the Coworking Gràcia accounts with two spaces of this type: Room 73 and Roomin, each with a different setting. Whether you manage to overcome time and mental challenge, or lose yourself through a series of unfortunate events, the escape rooms are a great experience that allows you to know better  the coworkers as well as serving as an inexhaustible source of anecdotes.
With all these ideas, surely something can be done during summer nights when the day ends in Coworking Gràcia. Propose the activity among your coworkers and close the day in a fun way. It does not take much time to organize any of these plans, so go for a different and fun afterwork!

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