Beaches close to Barcelona to enjoy when leaving Coworking Gràcia

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With the arrival of summer a getaway to the beach after spending long hours at your desk in Coworking Gràcia is just what you need to fill your spirit. Prepare the swimsuit, the towel, the sunglasses and put on some sunscreen, to visit one of this beautiful beaches near the city of Barcelona that we will recommend you.


Do you lack time for a getaway to the beach? Well, fortunately we have Barceloneta beach inside the city. It’s an extensive beach, which you can walk from its wide promenade to find the perfect place to sunbathe. In its surroundings you can find food places where you can order a cold drink and something to calm your hunger while you check out the sea views.


It’s one of the favorites for a walk in the vicinity, the beach is one of the attractions of the small town. If you have chosen this city as the destination of your getaway, we suggest you visit the Maricel Museum or the Cau Ferrat Museum and complement the visit by going around the old town, you will surely find an interesting store. Sitges is a location famous for its gay atmosphere.

Tossa del Mar

A great option if you want to enjoy a beautiful view of the beautiful Costa Brava, take your time to go to Tossa del Mar. The whole tour is full of food places to take some tapas, and you can complete the experience by visiting the castle or taking a walk through the streets visiting the small shops. If what you are looking for is something more private, a few minutes you will find diverse little coves with thick sand and flanked by natural rock formations. In some you will find various services, such as toilets, showers and small beach bars, while others are un-urbanized areas, in an entirely natural state, so that the private escape is a complete experience.

Santa Susana

If you plan to go to the beach during the weekend, you can visit Santa Susana. Where -besides a beautiful and wide beach- you can find a water park with dolphin shows with very colorful choreography, a perfect plan to do with the children!


Fancy a more sporty activity than just floating in the water? Visit the Olympic channel in Castelldefels to practice some canoeing and be able to tone those arms and get rid of those contractures in the shoulders. Then you can visit any of the monuments near the town.

The Masnou

It is a beach that we find in the vicinity of Barcelona, ​​perfectly communicated and allows you to disconnect from the saturation of the city.

Now you know! take a moment to enjoy this summer heat and draw on those heavenly coast, because there are many options with varied activities to go out to have a day at the beach in the vicinity of Barcelona.

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