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In order to have a productive day you have to eat during the day, and the location of the Coworking Gràcia is perfect to find take away menus at an excellent price. Have the table ready, with tablecloth and plate, because surely some of the options that we present you are enjoyable. Different styles and prices for all audiences!

Rostiseria Rafael

One of the favorites of the Coworking Gràcia, in the street Pi i Margall, triumphs for its good quality / price ratio and also because the delivery time of the food is minimal. If yours are the croquettes or the chicken, you can not miss this site to bring the menu to work. Chicken al ast is their specialty.

Korea kimbab

Maybe you’re looking for something more exotic to entertain the palate and disconnect for a few minutes of work … Well in the street L’Escorial there is a small shop that delivers the take-home version of the authentic taste of Korea. If you don’t have time to go to the San Kil, you can order Japche to eat at the Coworking Gràcia … And if you’re not very skilled with chopsticks, there are always ready forks in the dining room.


Do you fancy Lebanese food? Bruniquer street is one of the best Syrian restaurants in Barcelona and you can ask to bring everything they offer on the regular menu. It can take a while to prepare the delivery because they cook it at the moment, but it’s worth the extra time because the food is very yummy. And if you want to save the wait and invest the time in productivity, you can order the menu by phone with about 30 minutes in advance.

Àsia amb Gràcia

It is another classic of the menus to take to be practical, fast and good food. Specializing in Japanese cuisine, in Àsia amb Gràcia they have the best Woks and Makis. In Plaça del Diamante you can choose your noodles, ingredients and salsa, all prepared at the moment. If you select the menu option you have additional makis, which will surely fill you up.

Atabalats Gastrobar

Do you want a good dish of picaña to regain courage during the workday? If you are a meat lover you can ask to bring the star menu of Atabalats, a kind of secret to voices that you already know well in the Coworking Gràcia. We recommend you do the same as in the Ugarit: call by phone a half hour before to have ready the command at the time you plan to eat.

With all these menu options to take near the Coworking Gràcia, you do not have to worry about taking the tupper every day. Take advantage of one of these fast foods and enjoy in the company of your coworkers.

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