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You practically never leave your living room and you don’t separate work and home life. If teleworking is absorbing you, maybe it’s time to join Coworking Gracia. It’s no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed our work habits forever and, in some cases, the office routine is tending to disappear. Videoconferencing, applications for sharing calendars and tasks and data storage in the cloud have accelerated the change in the production model, facilitating the fulfilment of professional objectives from anywhere there is an Internet connection. However, digital health experts have already sounded the alarm bells about the loneliness of always working from home, the stress of combining work and family life in the same space, and the importance of keeping to a timetable so that it is clear when to disconnect.

Going to the workplace already implies a mobility that forces one to go out and, once in the office, contact with colleagues generates conversations and bonds that go beyond the working relationship. Lack of motivation, explains psychologist Gabriela Paoli, translates into apathy, loneliness, boredom, tiredness, feeling unrecognised, etc.

Finding a collaborative space in which there are professionals from different areas is the ideal way to have the infrastructure that allows you to work and, at the same time, interact with other people. A coworking space designed for freelancers and employees who want to concentrate in a quiet environment. Located in an easily accessible point in Barcelona and very close to all kinds of commercial and leisure establishments, Coworking Gracia is the coworking centre that many people choose because it has everything they need to work flexible teleworking hours, develop their professional career freely and socialise in a creative and productive environment.

Desks, offices and meeting rooms with everything you would expect from a well-equipped office and with multiple advantages for teleworking:

  • It’s cheaper than renting your own office
    You have your own space in a shared working environment
  • It fosters a good atmosphere among coworkers.
  • It generates synergies between coworkers from different fields.
  • You leave isolation behind and expand your network of contacts.
  • You take advantage of complementary services such as incoming calls or parcels.

If you still need more reasons to convince you, contact us and come and meet us up close to surrender to the benefits of a real coworking space away from home.

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