Going to a calçotada with your colleagues of Coworking Gràcia

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Calçots season has finally arrived, do you want to go to a calçotada in the company of your colleagues near Coworking Gràcia? Great!

Like you, we are gastronomy enthusiasts, and special seasonal menus such as the calçotada always make us happy. Today we explain you our favorite places to eat these delicious vegetables and enjoy after a busy and long morning.

El Disbarat
In Calle Montseny you can find this double-floor restaurant that specializes in traditional Catalan food. The vintage decorations and the wooden details make the space very cozy. For this season they have a menu where the star dish is calçots, obviously accompanied by the classic romesco sauce.

Keep in mind that the restaurant fills up -with the goodness of the calçots, there is no doubt- so if you’re looking to taste them, hurry up to book and confirm the number of coworkers that will join the calçotada.


Piras Braseria
You will find this place easily: just follow the aroma. Like El Disbarat, Piras Braseria is on Montseny Street. Once inside, let yourself be carried away by the aroma of the embers and go picking some olives while you wait at your table to start the calçotada.

If you take the calçotada menu you will need to take a walk back to the Coworking Gràcia, as it has olives and bread with tomato to chop, the calçots and of course a great plate of grilled meat. Also, as a finishing touch, a series of traditional desserts: you can’t miss the Catalan cream.

Making a reservation is important if you go with at least eight coworkers, so plan the outing for the Piras Braseria.

Of all the places we mentioned, this is the youngest place, but your chef is undoubtedly skillful with all his tools. Do you want the former executive chef of the Ritz-Carlton to prepare you something to eat? Well come here that the food is just amazing!

There are three spaces inside the restaurant, located on Torrent de les Flors street. It is the closest to the Coworking Gràcia, perfect to reach in 5 minutes. The first of the spaces is the bar. What will you find there? … Well, it’s a bar: you go in, you drink something and you open your appetite in what you prepare the table in any of the other spaces. The reserved is a more exclusive space inside the premises. If several coworkers join the adventure of the calçots, you can sit in this section of the restaurant, but not before making a reservation for that area.

Finally, there is the dining room, the tasting area for mortals who arrive without a reservation. In the place abound the memories with which the mind is distracted in what you expect that the calçotada arrives.

You already have a list of places close to the Coworking Gràcia that are perfect for a gastronomic getaway on a Friday afternoon. Organizing this type of outings is usual when you have a good atmosphere, so if that is what you are looking for, come and visit us and think if Coworking Gràcia can be the right place to work on your project and enrich your life at the same time Social.

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