Fall renoval: 5 tips to increase your productivity from the Coworking Gràcia

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With the arrival of the autumn fresh breeze a cold truth is reveled: summer is gone and it’s time to renew. In the Coworking Gràcia we made peace with it and decide to move on of those days at the beach and the rutinary complains about the heat, to every single spot of the city crowded by tourist and mostly from our precious vacations.

Returning to work is not only mandatory, but also we have to come back to the daily rutine and reasume working tasks as if we had rest during summer vacations. That’s why we share some tips that are very helpfull to increase your productivity inside of a shared working space.


Your day can carry out better when you don’t go running in the morning to fulfill your ritual to “get ready” for each day. There’s nothing better than waiting for the bus without feeling the pressure of punctuality resting on your shoulders. Moreover, if you are one of the first to arrive, you can take your time to enjoy the Coworking Gràcia empty, prepare that needed cup of coffee and concentrate on what you have to do.

We know that getting up early is hard work, especially when you are a creature of the night. But an effort for two weeks is the only thing you need to do to acquire this habit.


We tend to postpone the worst at the end of the workday. Later on we find out that something has gone wrong and that hard task was become nearly imposible, so we must take home part of it (or at least, thats what we “the obsessives” tend to do). If we start the day with the heaviest task, we’ll have all the attention focused on its resolution and it will be easier to complete than if we handle it at other moment of the day.


Have you ever heard the expression “divide and conquer”? Well, it’s time to apply that art of the war knowledge for those hard tasks that we were mentioning on the paragraph above. Take your time to ponder the follow up of tiny tasks that must be done to achieve the completetion of the whole. By doing this, it would be easier to get into that working mood and carry out those small tasks.

Also, you can use this smaller tasks as progress markers, making time administration something smoother.


We’re not talking about the obvious avoidence of consulting personal social networks, viral videos or reaching a new level on Candy Crush… We can bet that almost 100% of your clients reach you through the mobile and they have this almost unbelievable timing to call you every time you decide to clear up some of the undone tasks.

Put the smartphone on silence for a couple of hours –when important calls are not expected- and place the device on the farest corner of the table. Your productive time is as important as communication and negotiation with clients: a social off to get on productivity.


We already know that you’re a one-man-army and that you know the “how to” of all the required actions to complete every single work task. But you only have 24 hours per day, and we’re quite sure that you rather work only eight of those (life is to be lived, isn’t it?). So we have to learn to trust on our project partners with tasks that they can acomplish.

And if you are self-employed, don’t sidestep this point: learn to outsource tasks, your colleagues in the Coworking Gràcia surely operate with an excellent degree of professionalism. Just be aware of the tasks you will externalize, because for you the key is the identification of what you won’t do and how you want it to be done; this will make it easier to ensure that the delegated task is completed in a timely manner.

Take advantage of being inside of a CoWork in Barcelona, in which you got a wide variety of labor specializations. You’re part of a strong contact network, and it is good to know how to use this resource. If your CoWork colleagues can’t support you in the project, they will surely know someone on the field who will know how to accomplish the task.

There are many ways to improve productivity and surely you have your own secret procedures to give that 100% performance without problems. Combine them with these cool tips to renew your working habits and you will surely reach 110%, and welcome back to the routine.

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