From Coworking Gràcia we explain how to survive Sant Joan in Barcelona

 In Actividades Paralelas, Barcelona

Nit de Sant Joan is one of the events of the year in Barcelona and in Coworking Gràcia we prepare for the big event. Some of our coworkers will live for the first time the most magical night in Barcelona and we want them to be prepared.

That’s why we offer you these brief tips to enjoy this emblematic popular party and not die trying. If you are not familiar with Barcelona’s Sant Joan Nit and want to know how to face, follow these recommendations carefully and get ready for fun.

The first thing you should know is that in Sant Joan everything is firecrackers, so if you do not like them too much, the best thing you can do is look for a plan outside the city, at someone’s house; and even then we can not assure you that you do not have to endure any. If you have a pet, you should know that night becomes a nightmare for them, so if you are going to leave it at home alone, perhaps it being scared and escaping with the noise. Many pets have been lost like this. Often a refuge for them is the bathtub, place to which they come spontaneously. Prepare a place, in the bathroom or in any other area of ​​the house, with a blanket and food and close the door to mitigate the noise and prevent it from leaking. It will not happen a good night, but it will survive 😉

If you plan to leave, you can not miss the fireworks. Everywhere, children and adults will throw thunder and firecrackers, and will light flares and fountains. Buy your set and sign up for the party. If you do not go to any particular party, it is best to go to the beach, where a large number of people gather and countless bonfires are formed. In them people burn clothes or old objects, perform rituals and jump over the flames to celebrate the arrival of summer. Therefore, if your plan is to join the festivities, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothes.

Another thing you can not stop doing in Sant Joan is to try the typical Coca. Cream, pine nuts or candied fruit, all are delicious and help the stomach settle to ingest the traditional Cava. A fantastic combination. Bringing your friends and sharing this sweet delicacy is an unmissable event on the night of June 23.

One last piece of advice: the fresh Cava comes in very well on this hot summer night, and that can have consequences the next day. If you feel the effects of alcohol, take an ibuprofen before going to sleep and you will alleviate the feeling of discomfort the next day. Of course, better not commit to anyone at early hours just in case …

And now, yes, we can only wish you a Happy Nit de Sant Joan!

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