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That habit of postponing over and over again everything we can do today can be summed up in one verb: procrastinate. At Coworking Gracia we know that there are many tasks that we would not like to take on and we also know that unforeseen events can take more time than we would like. Because the urgent is often the enemy of the important and because there are days when exhaustion sweeps everything away, today we want you to ask yourself a fundamental question: how can I increase my productivity as a freelancer? For you, who dream of longer days or who want to take on several projects at once, this article is dedicated to you, in which we have summarised some practical tips based on our own experience.

Make a list of priorities
Face it: there are millions of things you would like to do today but you just can’t get to them. And not because you don’t want to, but because it is physically impossible to accomplish everything, including those fortuitous events that always pop up. To help you rank your activities according to their level of importance, make a daily priority list. Online planners for project management are excellent allies in this task, but you can also combine it with a paper notebook and draw your own mental map of objectives to be met. You don’t need to be ambitious, but realistic.

Measuring results
Traditionally, productivity has been associated with the time it takes to perform a task and although this logic makes a lot of sense, it is not always fair. When the brain is tired it doesn’t produce as much as when it is relaxed, so in those moments when you feel overwhelmed, you should take a break and “forget” about the goal you are not able to achieve. Go for a walk, have a coffee with your coworking colleagues, dedicate a moment to conscious breathing… any relaxing activity that takes you out of the blockage will help you to resume your activity with a different state of mind.

Establish work routines
Neurological research agrees that we need routines to anticipate certain actions and save time in their execution. We no longer stop to think about how to brush our teeth or how to get from home to the bakery. We put our brain on “autopilot” and it guides us through those tasks it already knows and is confident about. In this way, getting up at a certain time, establishing fixed activities such as having breakfast, doing sport, taking the children to school or walking the dog prepare our brain for the day to day. It is clear that we do different things every working day, but there are certain routines that start the engine and when you are self-employed you need a minimum of discipline to organise yourself and put your brain in ON mode.

Socialising ideas and problems
Explaining the project you are undertaking to others is as rewarding as it is stimulating. When you socialise, you find other angles that you hadn’t discovered before and you even discover possible solutions to difficulties. When you are self-employed you get used to carrying all the weight of the daily work but this self-sufficiency can prevent you from seeing other points of view. In an environment like Coworking Gracia you will find professionals from other fields whose opinion can help you to see clearly that idea that has not yet been developed or to overcome that obstacle that seems bigger than it is. The synergies achieved in a shared workspace will contribute much more than you imagine to your own personal project.

Go home
Just as we said that a tired brain is not creative, we insist on the need to devote time to yourself, your family and friends. When you finish your work, try to disconnect, forget about your mobile phone and emails and enjoy the company of your loved ones. If you have already established a routine to start the day, set another one to end it, close the computer at a certain time and call it a day. Rest and enjoy time with the people you love the most. Social life is also a source of well-being that will allow you to be much more productive as a freelancer.

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