Coworking Gràcia tips: Balance and strategy change before the summer break

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Vacations are almost here, and here in Coworking Gràcia got you some tips about how to balance and strategy change before the summer break. Perhaps the year isn’t going as you expected, because you have been constantly bombarded by your client’s orders or saturated by negotiations with suppliers. If the summer break sound like a lifeguard, before disconnecting everything, we recommend you follow these steps:

Customer evaluation

Although customers are esencial for the business, as in all relationships, there are some that we could consider toxic. Do you have a client who seems to have the intrinsic need to get stressed out? As the constant demand for attention can seriously affect the progress of the project and if, in addition, it is delayed with payments, it’s clear that the business relationship isn’t healthy. Either because you review the objectives again and again, comparing them with the actions that are being carried out to return to the tracks, or because you are noticing that instead of generating profits is a customer that generates expenses. If you can’t reorient the situation, you are in time to leave. And if you aren’t one of those that throws away the towel, talk to your client to redefine the terms of the agreement and maybe the project is in time to be saved.

Company diagnostic

Do you know how long it takes to complete a task? Wouldn’t it be better to delegate it to a co-worker? To make a good diagnosis and make decisions with a real impact on productivity, we must take into account each day-to-day actions… What tasks do you have to perform religiously in your company to achieve an optimal result? Do you make them or are they just waiting in a folder like the manual of the fridge? Time is a very valuable resource, and it is necessary to know how to manage it equaly or better than money.

If you don’t have an agenda to record the tasks and the time it takes to complete them, look for an application that automates the action reports and allows you to see how fast you reach the key points for the completion of a project. Check out platforms like Trello, Asana, Sinnaps or OmniPlan (the latter for Mac fans), which are intuitive and easy to learn. And if someone from Coworking Gràcia already uses any of these applications, ask him which one he recommends for your business.

The objective is to detect the weak points of your organization. A quick reassignment of tasks or an appropriate training plan can be the key to your strategy for the remainder of the year.

Implementing an action plan

Once you have the diagnosis of the company, it’s advisable to set a schedule of actions to be controlling and advancing work even in seasons saturated with demand. Doing a proper follow-up and providing feedback is characteristic of a good leader, so do not be afraid to approach your colleagues to ask how they are doing or for suggestions on methodology … Sometimes, those in the first row of work have a more detailed perspective of what the client looks for Obviously this improves the relationship with employees and can lead to future changes that improve the productivity of your company.

Remember that in Coworking Gràcia you can always ask for advice from the community, and find successful models that will lead you to an organizational epiphany that will help you diagnose and correct details of your business. Use the collective experience you have at hand in our coworking in Barcelona and channel your work strategy before the summer vacations.


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