Coworking Gracia gives you the keys to rest (for real) on holidays

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The word “disconnect” has become part of our vocabulary as a synonym for rest, but we don’t really disconnect. At Coworking Gracia we know that as freelancers it is difficult to disconnect from the day to day and focus on holidays, but it is essential to reserve that space for a replenishing rest, not only physically but also mentally. The ancient Greeks already knew that inducing sleep was a good remedy for curing illnesses, and in the 21st century, advances in neuroscience confirm this. Resting regenerates, revitalises and stimulates creativity. In fact, the best way to solve a problem you can’t find a solution to is to go to bed and sleep, because in a state of total relaxation the brain finds other avenues that you hadn’t explored.

Now that we are in the middle of the year and summer is calling us, it is time to consider a real holiday and today we want to give you the clues to take advantage of this opportunity to disconnect as you really deserve and reconnect with yourself. Will you join us?

1). It’s holidays, not work. Do you find it very difficult to put your mobile phone in a drawer, don’t you? Well, look at it at specific times, create your own disconnection habits to check only what is essential for you. You’ll see that, little by little, you’ll gradually loosen your digital dependence and you’ll regain the pleasure of looking beyond the screen.

2). Go to sleep. It’s as easy as that. Sleep well and give your body the rest it deserves. There’s no point in being on holiday if you’re going to sleep just as badly as you do the rest of the year. We already know that sleep helps you recover energy, so this is the best time to recharge your own batteries.

3). Take up a hobby. Surely there’s a sport, course, hobby or entertainment you’ve always put off, why not take it up at this time of year? A leisure activity will make you feel that there are other facets to your life beyond work and will give your creativity a new twist.

4). Have fun. Have a lot of fun. Have a great time with your friends or family. Even if you need to be alone, enjoy yourself a lot, pamper yourself, give yourself the time you’ve been wanting and do the things you love. This summer you are in charge and when you come back full of energy, we will be waiting for you at Coworking Gracia to support you in all your professional projects.

Have a great summer!

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