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The world will remember 2020 as an earthquake in digital, economic and labour terms. In fact, at Coworking Gracia we are closely experiencing the transformation or closure of some businesses, either because of a reduction in sales or because of their process of readapting to the new times. According to a report by the real estate consultancy JJL, the contracting of square metres in shared workspaces fell by 90% compared to 2019. A drastic reduction that was also reflected in the low demand for meeting rooms. However, far from lamenting, we understood that this crisis offered a new opportunity. Undoubtedly, 2021 is a year of challenges for the Coworking model in Barcelona. Self-employed, small and medium-sized companies are looking to our offices with a new approach based on teleworking, the reconciliation of family and work, the optimisation of face-to-face meetings and, above all, flexibility in production processes.

If between 2018 and 2019, the contracting of shared offices in the cities of Barcelona and Madrid increased by 33% and accounted for a record 150 thousand square metres, 2021 expects to continue this trend. The so-called flex sector, which groups together all flexible office real estate solutions, promises to grow this year thanks to the changes forced by the pandemic, but also due to cost savings for companies. In its March 2021 report JJL highlights the current levels of liquidity as “many conservative investors have decided to reduce and postpone the levels of investment they had planned to date”. And therefore, “a gradual recovery is expected through a return of investor confidence in the first half of 2021.”

Occupying a traditional office with all the costs that this entails no longer seems such an attractive alternative, especially for SMEs that have demonstrated their ability to cope with teleworking with good results. Is it time to consider a flexible office? The portal specialised in economy InBestia thinks so and at Coworking Gracia we agree with this optimistic vision of the new challenges for the business world. These are the guidelines that mark the future of the coworking model from 2021 onwards:

Shared workspaces offer the infrastructures, equipment and services necessary to continue working.
The flexibility of the contracts in terms of timetables and use of the spaces allows real adaptation to the needs of each business or employee.
Rental costs are still lower than those of traditional offices or premises.
Socialising is a necessity and a motivation for economic recovery and in a coworking you can share time both with colleagues from the same company and with professionals from other sectors. It has already been proven that it is possible to maintain anti-Covid-19 protocols effectively.

Building networks that transcend screens is also a priority for human needs and, in this sense, spaces like Coworking Gracia offer a warm, respectful and dynamic environment for professional performance. Are you coming? We are ready to face the challenges of 2021 together with you.

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