Coworking Gracia: differences between a coworking and a business center

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These two concepts are sure to be very familiar to you, but do you really know how they are different? From Coworking Gracia we are going to explain what each one of them consists of, what their specific characteristics are and their differences. And it is that both spaces, although they are closely linked to work and can occur simultaneously, are very different since they respond to different needs. Thus, after reading this article you will know which of the two is better suited to your business objectives and in which cases you will have to resort to each of them.

Business centers in Barcelona: what are they?

By this concept we understand a workspace that provides an office for a professional or group of professionals to start up and/or develop their project. So how is it different from coworking? Well, the so-called Business Center not only offers the physical space, but all the services that may be required to carry out the professional activity.

Thus, not only offices, offices and meeting rooms are rented, but all the ICT and home automation equipment, secretarial, administration, communication and marketing services, advice, maintenance, training, air conditioning, security, cleaning, messaging, etc. In this way, the person who decides to hire an office in a business center will adapt the services that said space offers to their needs and, of course, to the budget they have.

In fact, not all projects require the hiring of, for example, a meeting room or a library. This means that we can not only save up to 70% of the initial investment, but we could also save on other resources, time and effort.

Coworkings in Barcelona: what are they?

For their part, shared workspaces such as Coworking Gracia are also a way of having access to a large part of the facilities that are usually required to start up or develop a business project. But another of the big differences is that, in this case, the place is shared with other professionals.

Even so, many of them -as in our case- have separate offices for each team and/or client and one -or several- common and meeting areas. In this way, coworking spaces offer one of their main advantages: networking.

And it is that, working like this, it is not strange to share ideas, projects and doubts. Finally, the network of contacts ends up expanding, the business possibilities and the development of the same with other professionals, whether they are from the same sector or from different ones. And, all this, with the consequent savings that sharing expenses entails.

Do you already know the differences between these two ways of working? Well, if you dare for the second, at Coworking Gracia we are waiting for several professionals from different sectors so that you can get to know our facilities and, if you dare, become part of this great family.

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