Bye,bye coworkers!

 In Coworking Gracia

Every trip has an end, that moment when you close the suitcase, say goodbye to everything and everyone and start your journey. At Coworking Gracia we have said goodbye to you many times but now the time has come for us to say goodbye. To close a space that has been part of our personal history in the last 10 years. Here we have been able to turn our dreams into projects, we have learned to believe in the potential of our ideas and we have verified that it is easier to grow when you surround yourself with people as passionate as you. And it is that, without the human warmth that is breathed here, it would have been very difficult to carry out any undertaking. A magical energy that, without a doubt, has had an origin, which is why we take advantage of these lines to write black on white and bold: Thank you, María.

Because more than offices, Coworking Gracia has offered us a meeting point and professional growth, we couldn’t leave here without recognizing those spontaneous networking sessions in the heat of a coffee, those meals in which unexpected ideas for new businesses sprung up, the thousands of negotiations solved by the tireless Dani or the countless conversations that allowed us to cope with this adventure of entrepreneurship with more energy, always full of emotions and ups and downs.

Those of us who have made Coworking Gracia our home have shared here unforgettable experiences such as yoga classes, photography workshops, time management training and, of course, Do it yourself sessions in which we learned to be our own accountants, managers and community managers. Inside and outside the offices we formed a great team and we could meet for a karaoke, as well as meet at an event for entrepreneurs.

So many things have happened over the years that we can only thank each and every one of you who have made this a great family for your trust and affection, based on the idea that María and Dani brought with them from Galicia some years. We do not like goodbyes because we are sure that, as happens in all the great journeys of life, we will probably meet again on a new path. See you on WhatsApp! And in the street!

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