Coworking Gracia: a perfect place for collaborative work (Part II)

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In our first post, we explained what collaborative work consists of and what its main characteristics are. In a space like Coworking Gracia where so many ideas are being developed for the development of different projects, we are clear that the concept developed by professor Yochai Benkler is more necessary than ever and that it is practically impossible to conceive a new product or service without effort collective. In this second and last part we will focus on the advantages of collaborative work to achieve a common goal. The first thing to understand is that knowledge in the 21st century is open and shared. In fact, a format like Wikipedia in which so many people voluntarily make their contributions to enrich content for public use is no longer strange to us. Neither do we find ideas such as open source software to perfect proposals from different areas on the Internet foreign to us. These everyday examples are part of collaborative work, but how can we transfer them to a more local sphere? Internalizing its benefits.

Advantages of collaborative work

Boost multidisciplinary effort

When each one feels part of a gear, he knows that his contribution is significant and valuable for the development of the project. Multiple professional profiles, very different disciplines contribute to enriching ideas and meeting common goals. Thus, spaces such as Coworking Gracia where freelancers and companies from different sectors converge is ideal for establishing links and generating new products or services.

Encourage innovation

As a team, creativity is guaranteed. The flow of ideas in various directions stimulates the generation of solutions and proposals both for problems already detected, and to anticipate possible needs of potential clients. Collaborative work is, in itself, creative and one of its great advantages is that it is linked to interconnectivity. As we explained before, the incursion of teleworking in our lives has favored the use of new technologies to interrelate and streamline processes.

Boosts productivity

A motivated team aimed at achieving a common goal is a productive team. Everyone knows that to achieve the goal they have set they need to move forward and this can only be achieved by showing results. Each one must fulfill the tasks with which they have committed themselves for the project to move forward.

Promote communication

One of the biggest complaints of freelancers, especially when they work at home, is that they feel lonely. They lack the interaction and exchange of ideas with other people as a stimulus for their own creativity. Forced as they are to interrelate, the members of a team that undertake collaborative work not only activate different communication mechanisms but also cooperation.

Digital nomads know this more than anyone. A sustainable space par excellence like a coworking is the perfect means to strengthen professional relationships that generate collaborative work projects. The strong synergies that can be created in Coworking Gracia have already borne very interesting results inside and outside the offices, so we are looking forward to meeting more coworkers eager to exchange ideas and desire to work with people with whom perhaps they have never crossed paths.

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