The advantages of Coworking Gràcia versus a MacroCoworking

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At Coworking Gràcia, we want to help you decide between MicroCoworking and MacroCoworking. Is essential to find a workspace that improves your productivity. Go for your cup of coffee and settle in front of the computer screen because the differences between them imply distinct work dynamics.

The variety of Coworking in Barcelona is not a secret… Some of them transcend geographical limits and have become brands like WeWork or Spaceworks, but you must identify what type of features you are looking for to find the best workspace. Keep reading because we give you some tips!

Different and flexible spaces

The original operation of a Coworking can make the difference between working with soul or not. In general, you will find more flexible rules to explore different dynamics in MicroCoworkings, since they do not imply a tedious process of approval of plans so that new rules can be executed.

Let’s think an hypothetical situation: if you are looking for a place where you are allowed to take your dog, it’s more complicated on a MacroCoworking. In this case, the proposal should be made to the local board, which would then send it to its international headquarters to approve the project and execute it provisionally. The panorama shifts in a MicroCoworking: the idea is presented to the CoWorking manager and, if the coworkers agree, it can be implemented immediately. The idea has not worked? Well, it goes back to the old ways, no more.

Incubators for innovation projects

If it is about innovation, MacroCoworking has more resources to implement new market trends. On the other hand, you can not forget that in the framework of innovation it is always convenient to have a large group of people who provide feedback for your project and, without doubt, in MacroCoworking it will be easier to find the volume of people with which you can test your ideas.

However, within the MicroCoworkings you will find an environment where communication and teamwork are more conducive, so here you can also build a favorable network of strategic alliances for the development of an innovative project.

Ephemeral coworkers vs. permanent

You may visit the city for work reasons, and you need to establish a work space in Barcelona for you and your colleagues. If so, a MacroCoworking is usually characterized by having much more complex facilities, designed for a changing traffic of coworkers. Of course, if you consider the MicroCoworkings, the community is more connected and will be much warmer and friendlier with those who are looking for a more permanent work space.

In conclusion, the value of a Coworking in Barcelona is defined by the “soul of the community”, so you must visit and know these spaces to know if they fit your work character. Coworking Gràcia is a MicroCoworking ready to receive all kinds of coworkers. Do you think we have what it takes to inspire your working spirit? Come and meet us!

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