Offices and tables for rent.
In the heart of Gràcia.

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Tired of working from home? Victim of errands, washing machines, noise from neighbors? In the Coworking Gràcia you will find tables and offices for rent to work with a collaborative and collaborative community.

Shared work space in the Gràcia neighborhood in Barcelona

Enjoy the services of our coworking in Gràcia: meeting space, office, coffee and tea and a good company with which to team up and cooperate on projects. Do you still prefer to work alone?


Know the space



In the Coworking Gràcia you will find tables for rent with all the services. If you are a freelance, freelancer or have your office in another place, we offer you the perfect solution.


Available to our table or office coworkers, the Meeting Room of the Coworking Gràcia can be rented for hours or days to work on your project.


Are you looking for a space to provide training in Barcelona? Depending on availability, in the Coworking Gràcia you will find various options for teaching or training.

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Purchasing Consultancy, Store Displays, Gadgets, Product Management & Development
Content Marketing agency in Barcelona. They carry out projects of digital communication and creative copywriting.
Enrédame Comunicación
Digital Marketing Agency. Creative, coherent and sustainable online and offline communication.
Abisma IT Systems
We are dedicated to the implementation of solutions and services

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– Robert Kiyosaki

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